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Pharmacies all over the United States accept the RxFreeCard!

Saving money on your prescription drug costs is important and it all begins with a search for your local pharmacies.

Click the button below and simply enter in your zip code and our pharmacy locator tool will show you a list of pharmacies near you that will accept our prescription drug card.

As many of you already know, the costs of prescription medications have been on the rise.  With our FREE discount drug card, you can save your family money on prescriptions for you and your PETS.  This is NOT insurance, but if you aren’t covered, then you can still save money on the cost of your medications.

Our prescription drug card is free and easy.  All you have to do is print out the card, take it to the pharmacy and save money.  It really is that simple!

We have created this card so that you don’t have to worry about covering the cost of your much needed medications.

Using our card is accepted at over 65,000 locations nationwide, including Puerto Rico AND can save you up to 80% off the total cost of your medications!



“Had my doubts about this but due to circumstances I couldn’t afford my ear drops at $118.00. With the card it cost only $28.00…. I would 110% encourage anyone to at least give it a try.”

Jody P. - South Carolina

“The discount card reduced my Amlodipine prescription by $70.”

Jeffrey M. - Texas

“For the first time ever, I was able to save on a prescription for one of my dogs.  An antibiotic  that would have cost around $35, was only $20, saving me $15!  I’m very impressed!”

Neal M. - Florida

“I saved over 60% on three of my medications and 24% on the other. That was a savings of over $40. This card is great!”

Carl V. - Florida

“I used it today at Walgreens and saved $70. That card is phenomenal!!!”


Nina L. - Ohio