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Save BIG on Pet Prescriptions

Our Pet Drug Card Saves You Money On Pet Drugs!

Our Mission

Tired of paying outrageous prices on medications for your pets? RXFreeCard can help! RXFreeCard is a FREE prescription discount drug card that can save you up to 80% off your pet’s medications!

What is it?

We offer a FREE discount prescription drug card entitling your pet to up to 80% SAVINGS.

Get Your Free Card


This is a “no-brainer” move to make. There is NO Hassle… NO Application… NO Costs to get this FREE Pet Discount Card. Just CLICK HERE and start saving.

Our FREE discount prescription drug card will entitle your PETS to the following:

  • Up to 80% on generic pet medications
  • Up to 15% on name brand pet prescriptions
  • This is NOT an insurance program or membership club. Your FREE discount drug card simply entitles you to a discount off the purchase price of prescription drugs at your pharmacy.
  • Some drugs are priced lower than the discount. You would pay the lower price and receive no discount.