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Susan Castrianni

P.O. Box 1562

Sanford, FL 32772

Phone: 800-213-7632

Fax: 413-793-9805


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Large Businesses

Let your customers know you care about them.  Feel free to link our site or contact us today for a private label program.



Associations and Charity Organizations

We are happy to send some FREE discount drug cards to associations and charity organizations. There is no charge, no personal information is required and there is no fee to the user. To request cards, send us a message with your name, address and amount of cards needed.



Insurance Brokers and Agents

Would you like to provide your clients with an added value benefit at no additional cost?  Please consider offering free access to our discount prescription drug card at any time.  This is a great program to set you ahead of the rest.  Feel free to link to our site or contact us for a private label program.



Website Owners

Do you own a website for low income, senior citizen, pharmacy, or health related audiences?  Feel free to add our link to your site at any time.  Please contact us today for other ideas.



"Had my doubts about this but due to circumstances I couldn't afford my ear drops at $118.00. With the card it cost only $28.00.... I would 110% encourage anyone to at least give it a try."

"The discount card reduced my Amlodipine prescription by $70."

"For the first time ever, I was able to save on a prescription for one of my dogs.  An antibiotic  that would have cost around $35, was only $20, saving me $15!  I'm very impressed!"

"I saved over 60% on three of my medications and 24% on the other. That was a savings of over $40. This card is great!"

"I used it today at Walgreens and saved $70. That card is phenomenal!!!"