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Get Substantial Saving on Prescription Drugs with RxFreecard!

Get Substantial Saving on Prescription Drugs with RxFreecard!

RxFreeCard – Best Prescription Discount Card that Lets you Save Big!

The rising cost of drugs has become a burning issue amongst middle as well as upper class. It has become a serious matter of concern for people seeking treatment for chronic illness. For people with low or fixed income, paying the rising cost of prescription drugs means cutting back on daily expenses. The astonishing part of the game is that most of the population prefers to give up on the treatment instead of bearing burden of paying heavy prices for drugs. On contrary, number of people having health issues continued to increase.

Key Reasons behind Increasing Cost of Drugs

Prescription for Generic drugs

There are two types of drugs available in the market – branded and generic. Due to tie-ups with high profile organizations, doctors usually prescribe high-priced branded drugs. Most of the population’s inability to afford these branded drugs limits their access to high quality treatment. This profit generating business has not only restricted doctors from prescribing generic drugs over branded ones but has also deprived many people from seeking quality treatment.

Rising cost of drug development

Benefits of good or branded medicines come at a price. Drug development companies go through a lot of payment cycle before their medicines reach the market. From making payment to research and development sector, marketing company to manufacturer’s salaries- inclusion of these many middle men leads to increase the eventual cost of drugs.

Patent of drugs

To promote innovation and manufacturing of a new drug, countries like United States have initiated a patent system that allows drug manufacturers to be sole owner of their products for 20 years. During these many years, manufacturers can charge as much as they want. It might sound beneficial to manufacturing units. But if we go on to check other side of the coin, there are many people who are unable to afford these medicines and thus, end up spending their lives’ saving in finding the perfect cure to their health issues.

Solution to the problem

There are many health companies that offer people with a free discount prescription drug card. It is basically a gateway to save up to 80% from the pharmacy’s usual and customary prices. A card available at free of cost can be used for any number of family members as well as for your pets.

It is a hassle-free process and you don’t have to go through any application process or pay any price to get this card. All you need to do is take a print out of your card and you are ready to use it across the country for any family member, regardless of age.

RxFreeCard, is one such and the best prescription discount card that ensures you don’t have to pay retail prices ever again and save up to 80% from the pharmacy’s usual and customary prices. This card lets you save on prescription purchased at over 65,000 pharmacies from across the country, including Puerto Rico and at other chains – Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Winn Dixie, Walgreens, CVS, Kroger and many more. This card apprises you with benefits like:

  • Up to 80% discount on Generic medicines.
  • Up to 15% discount on Branded medicines.
  • Up to 80% discount on medicines for your pets.
  • Card is Free and can be used by people of all ages.


Today, when price for almost everything is skyrocketing – things like Free discount drug card acts like a savior. To get medicines at discounted price is something that every other person dreams about. It’s time to embrace the challenges and make most of the opportunity that leads you towards leading a healthier and stress-free life. Do not let skyrocketing drug prices and your illness overrule your happiness. Go, live your life to the fullest!

Alternatives to High Priced Health Insurance

Alternatives to High Priced Health Insurance

Most Americans are struggling to afford health insurance. In just the past few years, the cost of buying health insurance for your family has skyrocketed. I was talking with an insurance agent recently, who told me it’s not unusual at all for his clients to be paying $1,000 to $1,400 per month for their family to be covered.

I don’t know many people who can easily afford those kinds of monthly insurance payments. Most who are paying them are making major sacrifices in other areas. The vast majority of Americans put health coverage very high on their list of priorities, so the other things that get left behind might surprise you. No question, the quality of life is far lower for many people now that they pay so much to be insured.

Meanwhile, many employers are cutting back their employees’ insurance coverage. Professions that once paid all their employees’ health insurance premiums — like teachers and firefighters — are finding the employee footing the bill for larger and larger portions of their insurance.

How are people coping? Many Americans simply don’t have health insurance anymore. That’s a big problem not only for families, who often put off going to the doctor, but also for society in general. People who hesitate buying medicine or seeing a doctor often end up very sick in hospital emergency rooms.

Others are simply reducing the amount of health insurance they have. They pay a larger portion of their doctor visits and prescription medicine costs. If you are a young adult, it may not make a lot of sense to pay huge insurance premiums to be covered for major illnesses that you are very unlikely to experience.

There are a growing number of health insurance plans that let you pick and choose the areas of coverage you want to pay for. While this practice was prohibited in many states, more and more places are seeing the wisdom and necessity of this approach.

Even more pressing than the cost of health insurance is the cost of buying prescription medicines. Many people simply can’t afford the spiraling cost of the medicines they need. Others might insist, willingly lowering their standard of living just to afford overpriced medicine.

The solution to this problem increasingly has nothing to do with insurance. Organizations use their large pool of members to negotiate big discounts on prescription drugs at thousands of chain and independent pharmacies nationwide. Typically you can save up to 60% off generic drugs and up to 15% off name-brand drugs.

This is a big advantage for the elderly, families, businesses, organizations, and anyone who wants to lower their cost of medicine. Additionally, some programs also cover medicine for your pets. If you often care for an ill animal, this can save you a lot of money over time.

Unlike insurance, discount drug programs are often very low cost or free. Pharmacies participate in the discount programs to encourage you to buy from them. It’s a win-win for both you and the medical industry.

Susan Castrianni is founder of Get your FREE Discount Drug Card, then get big discounts for you and your pets at pharmacies everywhere! This is NOT insurance, but a welcome alternative to high premiums. Reach Susan at

Prescription Drug Prices Are Soaring!

Prescription Drug Prices Are Soaring!

Prescription drug prices have continued to skyrocket. A recent congressional report found that the prices of the 20 most-prescribed drugs under Medicare Part D have increased substantially, having risen ten times faster than inflation over the past five years. On average, manufacturers increased prices for these drugs by twelve percent each year. As a result, during the same five-year period, twelve of these drugs saw price increases of over 50 percent, and six saw price increases of 100 percent.

Another analysis, which was conducted by Pharmacy Benefits Consultants, found that over the past 14 months, 20 prescription drugs saw price increases of more than 200 percent. These excessive prices are harming patients. Research shows that patients often skip essential medications due to cost.