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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ provides detailed answers to questions posed by our customers.

At RxFreeCard.com, we are not a pharmacy and do not sell medications.  However, we provide a free and easy to use prescription discount card that you are able to use at over 65,000 pharmacy locations nationwide.

Everyone Is Eligible To Use Our Prescription Drug Card!

Our FAQ provides information on what you need to know to make the most out of your pharmacy experience.  Whether or not you already have insurance coverage, you can compare your drug costs with our card to see where you will save the most money.

There is no limit on how many times you, your family members, and friends can use our money saving prescription drug card.  Print your card and keep it in your purse or wallet and save money every time you’re at the pharmacy.

Is this an insurance plan?

No, this is a prescription savings/discount card program that gives you access to affordable prescription drugs through a national network of participating pharmacies.

How does the FREE discount card work?

Present your card and prescription to any participating pharmacy. Your telephone number will be your ID number. There are no claim forms to fill out and no limits to the number of times you and your family can use the card. If the pharmacist has any questions, he/she can call the PHARMACY HELP LINE – 877-800-7820.

Will RxFreeCard help individuals on Medicare?

This card will help individuals on Medicare pay for their drugs until they reach Medicare’s level or for drugs not covered.

How does this program work for PETS?

Present your Pet’s prescription along with your card to the pharmacist. If you have any questions, call the PHARMACY HELP LINE – 877-800-7820.

What prescription medications are covered under RxFreeCard?

All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, this prescription discount card is FREE to people of ALL AGES, INCLUDING PETS. 

Can I use my RxFreeCard with my insurance card?

You cannot use both your insurance card and the RxFreeCard at the same time. If you have an insurance plan that covers the drugs you are purchasing, we recommend you bring both cards to your pharmacy and use whichever one saves the most money. However, if you don’t have insurance or if the drug you are purchasing is not covered by your insurance plan, we recommend you use the RxFreeCard.

Who is Eligible?

Everyone within your household can use the card.  Since our program is NOT insurance, there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.  Everyone in the US, whether a citizen or not, regardless of pre-existing conditions, income or age, is eligible, INCLUDING YOUR PETS.

Compare your savings with RxFreeCard to your current insurance coverage!

“Had my doubts about this but due to circumstances I couldn’t afford my ear drops at $118.00. With the card it cost only $28.00…. I would 110% encourage anyone to at least give it a try.”

Jody P. - South Carolina

“The discount card reduced my Amlodipine prescription by $70.”

Jeffrey M. - Texas

“For the first time ever, I was able to save on a prescription for one of my dogs.  An antibiotic  that would have cost around $35, was only $20, saving me $15!  I’m very impressed!”

Neal M. - Florida

“I saved over 60% on three of my medications and 24% on the other. That was a savings of over $40. This card is great!”

Carl V. - Florida

“I used it today at Walgreens and saved $70. That card is phenomenal!!!”


Nina L. - Ohio