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Print Your Prescription Discount Card and start saving Today!

"I just picked up my prescription at CVS. Normally my medication runs $230 a month, but with your card, TODAY my prescription was only $31! I just can't thank you enough. Anyone who is skeptical...I assure you it is for REAL. "

John C. - Florida

"I just wanted to say thank you. I can't believe how affordable my meds are with this card. My family could not afford COBRA after my husband lost his job and I have a medication that I have to take for the rest of my life that is so expensive. I was nervous that I would have to stop taking it until I found this program. We just filled a script that was $142 and we got it for $29!! Thank you Thank you Thank you. I now know I will have my meds!"

Kim G. Pennsylvania

"The company I work for recently dropped our insurance. Three days later I was diagnosed with a pseudo tumor and had to pay for my prescription out of pocket. While searching the internet for the cost of the pills, I came across the Prescription Discount Card. I printed a copy and went to Walgreen's to purchase my prescription. I was amazed, the Prescription Discount Card saved me 60 % and was cheaper than my previous insurance prescription copay. I highly recommend the card, it saves you money and "IT'S FREE"."

Peter K. Arizona

"I was a bit skeptical at first. But I printed the card out anyway and took it to my neighborhood Walgreen's. The pharmacist told me I'd save about $8 off my prescription. I was thrilled! Thank you so much!"

Kim H. Missouri

"I saved over 60% on three of my medications and 24% on the other. That was a savings of over $40. This card is great!"

Carl V. Florida

" For the first time ever, I was able to save on a prescription for one of my dogs.  An antibiotic, that would have cost around $35, was only $20, saving me $15!  I'm very impressed!"

Neal M. Florida

Prescription drug prices are outrageous and continue to sky-rocket. Now you don't have to suffer in silence! Thanks to H.R. Olivar Health Plans, you may never have to pay retail prescription drug prices again!

We provide a FREE prescription discount card entitling your family, and PETSsubstantial savings - up to 80% from pharmacy's usual and customary prices.

No Hassle, No Application, No Cost!

It's Simple and It's Free to receive your RX drug discount card. You can print your Prescription Discount Card today and begin saving on your prescription drugs immediately. One card may be used by all in the family, regardless of age.

Never Pay Retail Prices Again.

Our FREE discount prescription drug card will entitle you, your family, and your PETS to the following:

  • Up to 80% off generic medications
  • Up to 15% off name brand prescriptions
  • Up to 80% off your PET'S medications too!
  • Unlike many other discount drug programs, the Prescription Discount Card is FREE to people of ALL AGES
  • This is NOT an insurance program or membership club
  • Your H.R. Olivar Health Plans FREE Prescription Discount card simply entitles you to a discount off the purchase price of prescription drugs

Even if your current insurance plan covers prescriptions, not all drugs are covered, or you may not save very much. When you print your FREE discount card you will get substantial savings no matter what your insurance situation.

The Prescription Discount Card will help you save on prescriptions at over 65,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including most major chains such as:

  • • Wal-Mart
  • • K-Mart
  • • Publix
  • • Walgreen's
  • • Target
  • • CVS
  • • Winn Dixie
  • • And many more, plus independent pharmacies

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*Pharmacy discounts are NOT insurance and NOT intended as a substitute for insurance.
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